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lockette removal
ign: _marama_

reason for request: in wilderness

name on lockettes:  owngamesgamer

faction name: none

coords:1671/76/-65   and at  1548/80/-67

#of lockettes to be removed: 4  (2 at each coord)

thanks to who ever helps really appreciate it

?seen says inactive 1 month 1 day and 4 hrs 



name on lockettes: kalakoala_

reason: in wilderness

fac name: none

coords:  1623/64/-99

# of lockettes: 1  

/seen says player not on server
[Image: ocsd3UQ.jpg]
Three days till this player is considered inactive, we can't remove the lockettes till then. You can check with /seen. They need to be 31 days inactive or 14 days banned.
bump  for removal  now that the players are inactive over 31 days
[Image: ocsd3UQ.jpg]
The lockettes have been removed, Goodluck on the loot.


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