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We are a minecraft server based on peaceful factions with a unique selection of features and a inclusive community. On this site, you may purchase items from our store, contact the team via email, or browse our forums. If you'd like to get started and play on our server, you'll need to join our discord below.

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About Us

We orginally created this server to fill the void left by TeamExtreme and their amazing community and unique play style. While we created this server to fill that void, it has evolved beyond those roots.

We welcome all players, we will not tolerate any sort of discrimination on our server. If you see any abuse of power, please contact us via email below and we will investigate.

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    Peaceful Factions


    We utilize the most feature rich factions plugin to provide an amazing peaceful faction experience.


  • Team img frame Roshar Mines

    Custom Mine World


    We've created a regenerating mine world to keep the wilderness untouched.


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    Crossplay Support


    Our server is built for java, but we support both java and bedrock players, using a seperate IP. Join via bedrock with


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About R/ainbow


Our server is run by r/ainbow, a subreddit designed for the discussion of issues facing all LGBTQ+ folk. All all welcome! We encourage you to treat others with respect, engage in robust discussion and interact with the community.


Get In Touch

Find us on social media or contact us via email! If you need to appeal a ban or report an incident do so via the forums tab. Suggestions should be submitted via discord. Direct PayPal donations will be considered anonymous but are appreciated.