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Lockette Removal Requests [README]
Rules for Lockette Removal Requests
  • Banned players: Once a player is banned, we allow them 14 days before we will remove their lockettes. This allows them a reasonable amount of time to make an appeal. Once the 14 days are up we will remove their lockettes at the request of the faction leader/officers. If the 14 days are up but the player has an open or successful appeal, lockettes will not be removed till the appeal is closed. Check the status of a player with /seen <player> ***NOTE: We WILL NOT remove lockettes of players banned for Xraying, glitching/duplicating items, or any other similar form of cheating***
  • Kicked from a faction: If a player is kicked from a faction, we allow them 14 days to get their belongings moved. This is to prevent factions from recruiting and kicking members just to get their items. A player has several means of moving their items, they can request help from staff in game, in discord (do not tag idle staff members), or here in this thread. You must follow the format listed below in red. Any lockettes that remain after the 14 days will be removed at the request of the faction leader/officers.
  • Leaving a faction: If a player voluntarily leaves their faction, they have 7 days to move their things out of that faction. Any lockettes that remain after 7 days will be removed at the request of the faction leader/officers.
  • Inactive players: Lockettes from inactive players will continue to be automatically removed after 31 days of inactivity. The lockettes that do not automatically expire after 31 days can be requested to be removed. Remember to always do /seen <player> to determine how long a player has been inactive before you ask staff to remove a lockette.
  • Lockettes in wilderness: Lockettes in wilderness do not have their own rules, they will follow the above guidelines. 
Lockette Request Form:
     Use this format when posting a request to have lockettes removed from your faction.
  • In-game name:
  • Reason for request: (choose: Inactive player, player left faction, player was kicked from faction, or banned player)
  • Name on the lockettes to be removed:
  • Faction name:
  • Coordinates: (in the format: x y z, eg. -211 66 318. Find these with /coords)
  • Number of lockettes to be removed:
Requesting your items be moved:
     Use this form to retrieve items from your old faction. You must post the request within 14 days of leaving.
  • In-game name:
  • Reason: (choose: Left my faction or kicked from faction)
  • Faction name:
  • Coordinates: (if available)
If you're not posting a request, DO NOT post here. Direct your questions/concerns regarding lockette policy to a staff member, or make a post in Questions and Help. This post will be edited any time there is an update to these policies. 

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