Full Version: Ban Appeals [README BEFORE POSTING]
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If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you are banned or you are just checking out the ban appeals section. If you are banned, you must carefully read this thread before posting your appeal or it will be denied without consideration.

When you are banned, you have a chance to appeal—unless your ban messages instructs you otherwise. If you follow the correct format and do not break procedure, as outlined below, the staff member who banned you will accept or reject your appeal.

If you are not banned and were not involved in another player's ban, do not post in this forum or reply to ban appeals. Do not panic if you were banned by console and legitimately did not cheat. False positives happen and we will uncover the truth.


  1. Only the staff member that banned you can process you appeal. Do not attempt to appeal to other staff, only the staff member who banned you may unban you. If you appeal to other staff members, your appeal will be denied.
  2. Do not attempt to evade a ban. Use of a VPN or alternate accounts will eliminate any possibility of an approved ban appeal.
  3. Don't try to bribe us. If you've purchased a rank or plan to purchase a rank, this does not give you any immunity to the rules or advantage in ban appeals. Rules are rules.
  4. This forum is the only way you can appeal your ban. Do not message staff for status updates or appeals. Do not ask a friend to get involved on your behalf—they'll just get a warning for breaking the rules.
  5. You must follow the format below to have your appeal considered.


You must format your appeal correctly or your post will be ignored.

Thread Subject:

  • "Staff Member - Ban Message - Your Username"
Thread Body:

  • Username:
  • Ban Date:
  • Ban Message:
  • Ban ID:
  • Apology:
Do not make excuses. Do not blame it on family member unless you have explicit proof that you can provide in your appeal. Do not ask others to get involved on your behalf.

Unappealable Bans:

You cannot appeal your ban if:

  • Your ban messages informs you that you cannot appeal
  • You've made a previous appeal that was denied
  • Your ban is temporary and expires in under a week
  • Your forum account is banned. Do not make more forum accounts or ask your friends to get involved
  • You attempted to hack the server

Final Notes:

Doing the following may result in a permanent ban without appeal:

  • Privately message staff with your appeal or ask for your appeal status
  • Insult or blame staff members (if you have legitimate concerns that a staff member is abusing their power, you may email us privately)
  • Attempt to turn staff against each other
  • Posting a fake account name to remove a IP ban 
  • Bump your post within 24h
  • Log into game on another account (ban evasion)
  • Lie in your ban appeal

If you are still 100% sure you have done nothing wrong, we can extend our investigation, however, if you have done something against the rules this investigation will surely uncover it.

If you suspect that a staff member is breaking the rules, you may email us directly: [email protected]. Do not waste our time. If you use this email to attempt to bypass a legitimate ban decision or complain, your future appeals will be denied without exception.