Full Version: CONSOLE - Stealing From Other Faction Members - ExampleIGN
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If you receive this ban message and your minecraft username is ExampleIGN:

[Image: ban.webp]
...then this is an appropriate ban appeal (do not include screenshot in actual appeal):

Username: ExampleIGN
Ban Date: 04.09.2021
Ban Message: Stealing from other faction members
Ban ID: 116
Apology: I'm very sorry that I took items from my faction mates. I saw an unlocked chest and stole from my other players in a moment of weakness. This will not happen again. I will wait for you to respond and I won't send you forum messages about this ban appeal. I won't try to log into the server while this ban is still open (evade my ban). If you do not see this today, I will only bump one time every 24 hours.